Could someone look at this model

I’m modeling this for my own fun. But I don’t know where I went wrong in the topology or what. I try to unwrap and it’s all jacked up could someone please help.
JBepic_squid_studio.blend (817 KB)

you’ll get helped quicker if you post a screen shot.

You don’t have any seams on your model. In order to unwrap a model neatly you need seams.

Here is a tutorial by Johnathan Williamson:

I forgot to leave the seam’s on the model. I took them off cause i kept trying to redo them over and over again and wasn’t having much luck…


Here’s the images


nothing wrong with the modelling, looks good.

I agree with Modron, the modeling looks fine. Can you post an image or .blend with seams marked? I think it has to be a problem with how you are placing them.

I will get that for you guy’s to see.