Could someone please convert a Max file into blend or other I can import in blender?

I have found a relatively small file 345K in Max format.
It’s free at Turbosquid here
It fits my scene perfectly but I don’t have Max. Can someone please convert it for me?


Did you take a closer look at that file? It seems to me the only thing you can download from TurboSquid is a jpg of the render but not the .max file itself…?

Hi Ikari,
not so. If you register (free) you can download all: either paying, for the ones that have a price, or free for those that are. This is free and I am registered.
I could send you the file, if you would like to help. (you can send me your email through BlenderArtists site messaging)

Now, that’s strange. I am registered and all I get to download is a jpg of 344 KB… That fits to the model description BTW: 0 vertices, 0 polygons…

However, if you’re sure that you got a ‘real’ file, I will PM you a email address…:wink:

There’s also a review on that model’s page that confirms that there is no model to be had. It’s just a jpg.

Sorry, you are both absolutely right.
A quick reading made me think there would be a file. I can only download a jpg also…
Strange though… a jpg ? under 3d models? I guess the only one dimension is free… the other two cost something!

Anyway, I found the Leonardo table in FBX under
Thank you and sorry for the confusion (Of course you can have it too if you want it, either from the site or let me know and I will forward it)