Could someone please write a B3D exporter?

Okay, first off, I do realize that since Blender includes a built-in game engine, it may seem daft to ask for an export to another game engine’s model format. But just hear me out, okay?

There’s a whole community of people over there in the Blitz3D forums talking and about which 3D program is the best to use with Blender. Everything from Highend solutions like Max and Maya, to low-end, $12 editors made by one guy in BlitzBasic itself. Blender would blow away every other program over there in terms of quality, price, and ease-of-use, if it only exported to B3D format.

I’ve been searching everywhere, and I can’t seem to find any mention of a B3D exporter for Blender. Since there are all kinds of crazy plugins coming out for Blender, it strikes me as odd that there’s nothing for B3D.

I realize it would be crazy to expect somebody to read this and go “Dang. He’s right. We need a B3D export script. I better download the B3D format docs and spend the next 4 weeks making one!” But if anyone knows of an existing B3D exporter, or knows someone who is working on one, and I just couldn’t find it while searching, please let me know about it.

And, you know, if you’ve got four weeks worth of spare time to kill, and were looking for a project… cough

Thank you. :smiley:

is that the only format it supports?

you cant get it to import ase or obj or dxf or vrml or something?

[I’m not willing to write one]

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Hmmm… good point. Actually, Blitz supports .X, .3DS or .B3D models. It’s just that I don’t know what kind of legal issues would be involved with using .X or .3DS meshes in a game. Are there Blender exports to those formats?

I could make a program in BlitzBasic that loads the model “test.b3d” from its own directory, and compile said program into an EXE. Would that make such a project easier?

I was sort of hoping for some missing link who uses both Blitz3D and Blender already, but I suppose if such a person existed and was a prolific coder, there would already be a plugin availible, huh? :-?

Oh well, I’ve started a thread in the B3D forum, too. Maybe if I bug enough people, I can pass it off later as “spearheading an initiative…”

Those two are open formats (IIRC), so there’s no legal issue with using them. The meshes themselves could cause problems (if they are not your own), but other than that, I don’t see any problem.

Are there Blender exports to those formats?



There is a full featured x. exporter:

Indeed, as far as I am concerned, last thing I heared is the latest beta of the exporter is now included in 2.34 blender version.Not sure anyway.

Is basicly fully functional, you only need to care on setting at the beguining the same location and rotation -I don’t know if yet asks it to be 0,0,0- for both mesh and armature. Using N key for that.

Then, if you have -I say as many b3d users have purchased Ultimate Unwrap, or you may have someone in your team who has it and could make easily the conversions- Ultimate Unwrap, you then could do a very featured conversion from the x file with its bones and weights,towards b3d format, exporting it from Ultimate Unwrap, which would also allow to paint vertex colors, or even rtouch the uv mappings, weld the model, set autosmoothing, etc. In case is needed some of that.

The thing is I was testing the betas, and I think there was a separate version for Ultimate Unwrap, as it did seem to read x files in a different way. I don’t know if the 2.34 export dialog of x files will be “compatible” with Ultimate Unwrap. If so, that’d be imho the best path for you. Do all you character stuff and animation (unless you model outside blender and import the obj like I do) , and export as x from Export file menu in blender. Then , import it in Ultimate unwrap, maybe weld the model -I remember it unwelded sometimes, but older beta versions…- and then perhaps adjust autosmoothing. Export as b3d. In fact, it can work or not, but the proccess if worsk is quite easy and quick. I made it work for certain beta version of the x exporter; can’t tell you now if latest one does, or is just compatible with the more standard viewers only: MSoft viewers of x files, which ensures good going in game engines that import x files.

I suggested Ben Omari to add support for Ultimate Unwrap, and though I thought was a very software-specific feature, he was so kind as to make it work with it. As I see it, the exporter is constantly work in proccess, so if it does not know, it could work with Ultimate some time soon.

It has been proved that maya–>x–>Ultimate Unwrap, was a very good a working work path for getting animated and weighted characters from maya to b3d. Same path with Hash Animation Master and the Obsidian Games plugin.

So, till a b3d plugin appears (imo, only way for this is is some passionate user of B3d, as well as good coder and Blender lover, decides to code a plugin for it.) I’d recommend to try at least this way.

That’s one of the reasons why I meant the x file opens the field to several engines…other is that many out there already import x files natively. -not being direct based, no need, I was told.

I hoped that environments like Game Studio added x files import…it has it, but I think only bones and rigid weights…no real full weights yet. In Db Pro you can directly import a weighted x file. So, an experienced user of Blender could do already do art for Db Pro. And with help of converters like Ultimate Unwrap and others, Blender can be used already with many engines.