could someone pose this for me?

i just cant get blender to cooperate with me… and i cant get poser to install right it keeps giving me errors when i try to enable it in blender…

i dont know if it helps but i have a version with bones but i couldent get the mesh to combine or whatever when i was trying to do the parenting…

i was thinking of a pose like this, obviously he doesnt have that wepon but it would be perfect for the wepon im gonna be adding
its kinda like a biosuit so it doesn move with him but its mostly stationary besides the natural bends like the elbows and knees

i dont have anything to pay you but i can mention your name and post a link to your gallery or other works to help spread your name



thank you

2 million faces with topology to die for, you won’t have an easy time posing it

so blender just wont combine the mesh and bones because it has too many faces?..
how many ‘can’ it have lol… like a rough estimate?

2 Million tri, wow, that’s a lot of vertex.

i got it down to 860874 on sculptris… will that work?

okay so i got it even lower
ill post a pic of it

I could pose it if I am allowed to retopologize it.

i dont really know what that means :confused:
i seriously have been doing this for only 3 days now and im still learning the terms and such

It means you have to redo the model by snapping a new mesh on top of the original mesh. It’s a very long process but very benefic if you want to rig.

i see, well at this point im willing to try anything

To rig this make a new copy of this file and delete your armature. Once your armature is deleted set your 3d cursor to the center by pressing Shift-S and choosing “Cursor To Center”. Now do the same to your model, once the model is in the middle move it up (Z axis) so the feet are just above the grid floor. Press t to bring up the tools panel in the 3d viewport and with your model selected in the tools tab select “Set Origin”, Set “Origin To 3d Cursor”. Now your model should be centered and without any armature.

With the model selected press Ctrl-A apply location, rotation and Scale (very important). With the 3d cursor at the center press “Shift-A” and scroll to “Armature” and select “Human (Meta Rig)” (important for proper naming convention). Scale the Meta Rig to fit your model rotate the legs and hands, arms and legs to the correct position. With the Meta Rig selected press Ctrl and A apply location, rotation and Scale (very important).

Select your model and the shift select the Meta Rig press Ctrl-P choose “With Automatic Weights”; this may take several minutes. Your Model should be rigged at this point. You will need to weight paint it. Once weight painted you can export the Meta Rig and animate it in another blender file if it is to slow with the model and export the animation as .BVH format. You can download the MakeWalk plugin from which will allow you to use .bvh motion capture animations instantly.

Once you have the plugin press T to bring up the tools tab and then scroll down in the tools until you find MakeWalk Utilities and click on set T-pose(most likely errors are caused by not applying rotation, location and scale Ctrl-A). This will set the Meta Rig to a T-pose which MakeWalk will then use as a base to animate. In the tools tab scroll until you find MakeWalk Main, click on “Load And Retarget” this will load any .BVH humanoid animation file (Some .bvh files downloaded from the net will need to be fixed).

Rigged in 2.70a animated with MakeWalk v0.943

after quite a few trys i got the armature and mesh to work, but i cant do the weaight painting cause my laptop cant handle it :confused:
so it deforms the mesh…

That’s why you have to do a retopology … Google it and you’ll find billions of tutorials.

See attached blend file with retopologised mesh (includes normal map).
Non manual retopologised so not perfect (44k faces)

Blend file

Remesh modifier at 9 or 10 :confused:
Weight painted
309,000 verts
Rest Pose
Walk cycle

The walk cycle is from:
[TABLE=“width: 100%”]

Normal walking in circles


With a non clamped and non re-targeted walk cycle (not centered with BVH Hacker)

T-pose and rest pose centered

You will need to do some work on it again but hopefully this will be a good enough base for that. Good Luck!

Richards ReTop Rigged with a walk cycle from