Could the Banner Use a Touch Up?

No disrespect to whoever designed the original one, but now that Blender has new Shaders, Improved Env. Mapping, etc, how about a new banner? :smiley: :frowning: :smiley:

there are lots of banners related to blender, which one are you talking about? :-?

The one at the top of this forum.

well it’s perfect as it is…it’s the color of elysiun…if they change it they need to change the whole site colors…

Not necessarily, since roughly the same colors could be used were that a factor to consider.

I really don’t see what’s wrong with the banner.


There is nothing wrong with it.

Then why change it?! :wink:


Something to do? :wink:

i like it the way it is…

if i well remember… the elysiun logo used to be 2d before, until some genius mind brought it into life with the power of blender (i guess, what a shame if they used something like 3Ds max to make the elysiun logo… SCANDAL!!!) making elysiun into three-dee…

Besides, no one can make something better than that supah dupa random funky colored bar thingy on the banner… :smiley:

unless you have any sneakpics you wanna share… then i guess that it’s gonna stay as-is… :-? :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

yeah I have seen it, you can’t stick to ONE avatar so you need to change your own twice a week, so is this the same for other graphics too :stuck_out_tongue: ?

Somehow I figured my banner idea would not be too popular. :stuck_out_tongue:

maybe some new ideas when Blender 2.3 is out instead :wink: but I presume it needs some sort of graphic overall theme…

heh, now that blender has reflective spheres, let’s put them on the banner of elysiun??


i for one would be with you as i never liked the banner to begin with because it does not really contain a theme to begin with although the 3d logo is slammin. but alas i see no real need to change it not that it would be some huge catastrophy as everyone seems to think in changing one file that in essence could just be overwritten with no need to change code. just my two cents, why change it unless your mind melts and comes dripping down your nose because it is so god awful.

my comment is, you should be very happy that you even have a Forum and a Community, since Timothy started this 2 years ago as a Free Forum and when NaN went down he suddenly had to take into account that many old users would tranfser themself to these forums (or this site) so if anyone have a complain about banners, think again!!!

I dont like when people starts to moan and have no clue how this site ever started out…think again! and start dig in history!

my two cents… :<

over and out :Z


I think some people are overreacting here. Asking for a new banner is not a deadly sin, is it? Since I am the founder of the anti-comic-sans-league, I am also not the fan of this banner, but it’s a part of elysiun and it has a history. So I personally never thought of changing it.

However, waiting for new shaders to make a new banner still seems a bit odd to me. We should wait for better lens flares and THEN we can make a new banner. :smiley:

The banner is, IMHO, perfect as-is. To change it would be a waste of my time, and yours. A waste of time to design it, post it, and then a waste of time for all of us faithful blenderites to allow it to ‘grow’ on us.

Let’s not mess with convention here, people.

Absolutely. If it weren’t for Timothy and keeping the community alive, I think that Blender would have most likely died off at version 2.25 and he source would never have seen the light of day. This site has a lot of history, and for it to be changed, I think there needs to be a damn good reason. I don’t mean to sound harsh here, but most people don’t have heaps of time to spend on constantly re-working and fiddling with stuff that is fine in the first place. I know Timothy sure doesn’t. The banner is great - it fits the ‘Blender style’, it’s pleasant, elegant and unobtrusive. While it’s not a crime to suggest new things, I think this site and it’s owner deserve a lot more respect than saying it should change its identity on a whim.