Could this be one of the most disappointing games in recent years?

Because you look in this thread and you’ll see screenshots of the demo of the soon to be released game, which shows quite a few graphical glitches and other amature game design mistakes.

This adds insult to the community because the company promised they were making a game based on suggestions in their own forums, instead they focused on making the game an MMO (which doesn’t have much more interaction than trade and a chatroom) and used canned marketing comments to make the community think they’re seeing interest in the developers implementing their suggestions.

The result is most of the suggestions like SimCity 4-like regions and major terraforming for custom map terrain being flat out ignored and Monte Cristo lying to the community, they even deleted their forums which some members spent 2 years trying to help them make the game an outstanding city building experience like giving in detail what features are important, you will have standard features like trains, but most updates and some standard features like what was just mentioned will only be available if you are willing to pay a subscription every 1 to 3 months to play the game after buying it, even then you don’t have other standard features like disasters, and you have reports of things like tree models being way out of scale compared to the buildings.

If you buy the game, expect to see glitches like in the link, granted it is hard to make a game like that, but with the supposed skill of the company devs. it could’ve been done in a bit more professional and skilled way. This could one of the most disappointing games in the history of that specific genre, and it’s shaping up to be just like that. The thing is for a brief moment even I delivered suggestions that were ignored and I was hoping for a good modern city building game to install on my quad core.

Any thoughts?

This is quite a scoop you have here CD! I am not much of a gamer, especially in the genre you have suggested, forum games are more of my style. And I have risk 2 on my laptop I play occasionally, and win, since the computer players always play agressively and pretty much fight each other down to a small level I can wipe out later. This is also good as I don’t have internet access on my laptop and it’s not “grunty” enough.
But yeah, games these days should be better.

Thanks for the info, CD, when it hits, my kids are gonna want it and it really does look like garbage.

It’s another simcity societies. crap with a lot of hype.

well, that was the most boring screens ive ever seen…

Sigh, will I ever again get a game that comes close to the wonder that was SimCity (classic)… that game got me hooked on PC games and because of it I discovered something called Civilisations.

: )