Could this walktrough behaviour be created on logic bricks?

Could this walktrough behaviour be created with logic bricks?
Click drag = tuns the view
Single click = Moves the camera to pre-defined positions.
Camera animates to next position…
There´s also a map with hotspots for clicking and flying to. I imagine one would need to do a layered scene for this menu.

This was published as Shockwave 3D (needs free plugin to play). Could have been done in Macromedia Director´s 3D lingo or Maya RTA (Real Time Author, a discontinued Alias plug-in for Maya 4.0 only).

Alexandre Rangel
Multimedia Designer

Yes, something like that could easily be done in blender. THe little menu on the bottom might be tough, but it’s possible with python and such.


You will have to use python


  • the view rotating with the mouse

umm, don’t have flash to view that file

but anyways, to switch cameras (cycle through cameras?) you need to be able to tell where you are, python will be helpful there (especially when you want to add new cameras, or change the order, you wouldn’t need to mess individual cameras)

but for clickable areas that set the camera, you can model them and give them collision faces, use an on mouse over and mouse left button sensor, pulses on, connected to an and controller to do that.

hmmm - that whole candointeractive site appears to be something that blender could handle (with some python required).

excellent real world example of how blender could be applied

thanks for the link - its given me some ideas…

To rotate the view, is the easy part. Already got that from the walkthrough example file at My doubt would be how to set the invisible hot spots (with tool tips and one hot spot not messing with others) and the flying camera transitions.

Thanks for the answers so far!

invisible hot spots would be invisible collision faces

camera transitions played with ipos, though to be able to rotate an animatable camera will be interesting (will need a custom mouse script)