could use some help with material and texturing

Hi im a simi noob win it comes to materials and texturing im looking to do really really good looking textures like skin and metal and stuff that looks real and i mean REAL heres a good link to a pic witch is the type of stuff i would like to be abel to do i can do some fairly good models but win i try to texture it seems to trun out looking like it was done with a magic marker i was hopin maybe you guys had some good links and such to set me down a good road of learning texturing i would really like a vid tut but i will take what ever i can get :slight_smile: thx

should take you about 5 yrs.


this is for light wave right??? sry if i forgot to mention i am using blender

No, it’s for CG. She probably mentions many different apps but everything there is applicable to blender. If it has to be “how do I do it in Blender” then look in my sig and also go to OlivS’s site from here:


ty vary much i wasent trying to apread rude but as it stands i have a vary hard time understanding information for other programs and apling it to blender im hopin i will get better at that part of modeling as days go by thx

No problem. Most of the useful tuts on Materials and Textures for Blender are pretty much scattered around and difficult for newbies to find. The biggest problem is that until you know how it all works and how it fits together you don’t know what terms to search for.
When you get stuck, even with non-blender stuff, just ask here or in blenderchat (link on homepage). There are loads of people willing to help.


thx i will remember that im not to muhc of a noob i been doin blender for about a year or so but i always did models never really textureing lighting or riging so im trying to get thim skills up witch it keep becoming even more painfuly clear that with out texturing and lighting your models looks crudy so im hopin that i can get my textureing skills up good inuf to make my models look good to ppl that are not 3d buffs :smiley: