Could Use Some Help With Rigging. Thanks


I am making a robot-arm that needs to be attached to a body later on.
After some attempts I have it set up so that the middle part is moving and sliding (shrinking and expanding) like expected. But it is very hard to control the pose and get them into the right position.
Is there a rig setup for my robot-arm on which I can expand later on? (body) and maintain the stretching and rotations it needs?

Thanks in advance

robot-arm-rig-006.blend (4.4 MB)

I’m not sure what’s so hard. It looks to me all you have to do to pose the main bend is rotate Bone.012. Your stretch constraints seem to working properly.

I would recommend adding some transform locks to some bones (which would mean adjusting their rolls), but if you want to move a whole lot of parts individually, you need to pose a whole lot of bones. For many of the bones that i see, I don’t see why they exist (Bone, Bone.004, Bone.005, Bone.008).