Could use some help

So i have these chair legs. Basically 4 sticks but they are just one object, they all move with each other because I crtl+j to make it into one. I would like to kind of undo that so I could readjust their positions.
How do i do it?

Image for context:

Go to edit mode & detach all parts. Then you will have 4 separate objects. Now you can move them as you want.

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In edit mode select one face on a leg and press ‘ctrl L’ and then press ‘P’ and choose ‘selection’ this seperates chosen parts into there own objects. In your case you just go into edit mode and press ‘P’ then choose ‘loose parts’. All legs should be their own object…

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Answer above is the way, but you don’t need to separate them all to adjust their positions. Just do it in edit mode, using CTRL L to select the pieces and move them. You can also just hover over the piece and press L (I think?)