Could You Help Me With the Lightning?

Hello to everyone! I’m using blender for 3-4 months. Im tryin to improve my lightning (watching some tutorials, trying to do something myself) but i have some problems. I just wanna take some advices. Could you guys help me? I’m using hdri+a sun light in that photos I’ll post

Your light source and the Image are not lined up. You have the sun behind the building but the shadows look like the light is from the side. Here is a good tutorial on setting up HDRI lighting
and some free HDRI Sources

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thank you for your comment! You 're right I’ll try this

Mash attack on it! Winner winner chicken dinner. Great links.

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A helper for this task is:

A helper for your Mind is The Lighting Project from Gleb Alexandrov

thank you! it helped me so much

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