Couldn't Resist It!

Had to chrome up the head on my bot:

Thanks to imgrandpaboy for the reflect image :wink: Neede to see what it would look like with the chrome.

Working on the hands right now for this. Should have an update shortly.


Nice modeling! The chrome is AWESOME!
I just gotta try that :slight_smile:

Coolness. That chrome really makes the model come alive.

I went through a period when I was kid where I painted all of my matchbox cars silver. I guess I still like anything that gleams.

Wow! Great chrome!


Nice chrome, its just a shame me and chris didnt get such good replies with that reflection when we use it on our cars…

Thanks for the comments guys :wink:

Piler: I thought that was you guys when I saw the link for the image posted on imgrandpaboys’ post. Also tweeked when I saw the eye image. Looked too familiar some how :smiley: . So blengine is now imgrandpaboy?

It’s good to see that the MaSTa guys are still around.

Thanks for the image. I will give full credit to you guys for this.


yeah blengine is now me… piler made the refl map a while back

your model is looking great! and the chromes awesome too…

i love the modelling and the gi,style lighting,that is an interesting metallic texture!cool stuff!keep em coming.


Nice model and a great chrome job. But shouldn’t the eyes be a different material?

Nice model and a great chrome job. But shouldn’t the eyes be a different material?

Sorry about the double post, when I clicked on submit I jumped to a different site and had to reenter the elysiun site from my bookmarks.??? Thats not happened before.

argh… i just can’t find that fake-envmap link… any idea?

btw: awsome job dude! :slight_smile:

VeliK: This was just a render for fun. Eyes will definitely be different.

kerosene: YOu will probably need to ask iamgrandpaboy for the image. He removed it from his post. I am noit even sure if i should use it again, if he has removed it. Probably didn’t want it getting around to too many people.


It’s looking good, but I still maintain that the eyes are a little small or the mouth area is a little big. Still my only crit. Good material though.


Normally the eyes are in the middle of the head, thats why the jaw look a bit big


A link or some tips or settings would be appreciated.




haunt_house: Thanks for the input. The image used for the chrome was from iamgrandpaboy. He had the link on his post in “I Made This”, but it is now removed. As far as the settings, I explained them here:

As I said in that respinse, I am not sure if I should be using the image anymore, since he did remove the link. Seems he didn’t want anyone to use it.


very very nice… i definately see an awesome model developing

I honestly don´t want to use his image.

I´d like to know how to make such an image myself.

But because even the right eye reflects on the nose, it seems to be raytraced.