Council Great Sword

…and more at the artstation page

Total time,
A day to model, another to texture and a day to present it, so… 18 hours?

Software used,
Blender 2.8 
That animated timetable was done with EEVEE, it also helped with the lighting, a lot. If you’re not using it, use it, seriously, it’s like having a mini marmoset toolbag right in blender. Almost makes up for losing textools and miratools, almost.
Substance Painter 2.3.3
Saving up for a GPU that will make it that working on anything above 2K Resolution isn’t a gamble >>> having a nicer ui, I guess. That’s my excuse for not upgrading.
DaVinci Resolve
First time using it, honestly it was kind of a pain to work with but i can’t argue with the results.


Friend of mine needed help with a job for a…  7 figure budget UE4 game, yeah.

Overall, I think this turned out nicely, I maybe probably should have worked on the UV maps a bit more, decimated the meshes a bit better(there’s really no reason this needs to be 41k tris),polished the bakes,etc but again, for 3 days of effort, I’d say it’s a solid +1