Count Score

I am just making a silly little 2 player game that I called “rolly”. I was wondering how I could make a counter for how many times player 1 fell of the platform and how many times player 2 fell of the platform. And maybe a counter for time. If you could tell me or link me to a tut I would appreciate it. Thanks.

well to make a counter for how many times he fell off of the platform you first add a plane to under the platform. Next, make it a ghost and add a property called “score” or something. After that, add a property to you player(s) called something like “add 1” or something like that. Last, you add a collision sensor that only senses your player(s) property “add 1” so that whenever you player falls through the plane, it increases the property by one. Here is the setup. -->(Collision sensor that senses the “add 1” property -->And Controller–>Property Actuator that adds 1 “score” property).

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You also need to make the plane a text object. I’m pretty sure there’s a score tutorial on this site.

Ok so I add a property called “score” to the plane and a property called “add1” to one of the characters but what properties are these supposed to be? float timer string bool int… And where will the numbers show up?

For a score count, use integer. Obviously use Timer for a timer. When one of your players fall off, send a message called “Player 1” or whatever, and then have the property add one to the score when it recieves that message. As far as it showing up, you need to know how to do bitmap texts. Just search for a bitmap font image, and use it as a UV texture for the plane which holds the score property, but scale it down in the UV window so only the @ shows. In UV face select, click Text and Add, and disable collisions. The property’s name has to be Text with a capital T. Search for a tutorial if you need a deeper explanation.