count the Ways of Selection

We spend all our time selecting objects, edges, vertices etc when using 3D programs.

Lets say, you want to select edges that are in a straight line, NOT a loop. What do you do? you shift select those edges one by one. Not great when repeating the process over and over again for a detailed model.

Blender should have “millions” of ways for edge & vertice selection. like “Range Selection” When selecting edges/edges that go in a straight line but not looping. Maybe there is one and i don’t know it!

“Range Selection”: Select the first edge/vertice, then select the last edge/vertice, The inbetween edges/vertices are automatically selected to form a straight line between the two edges/vertices. or the shortest distance between the two edges/vertices.

press “b” for boarder select,press it again for circle select,hold the alt key for array select. I think there is a Tips and Tricks thread on the forum

And u posted this in the wrong area

Well, there is a Select Path, which does what you want. Just look into the Select menu. You manually select two vertices and let blender compute a path that will be selected between them. Sad is, that it works only with vertices, not edges or faces…

thanks ya’ll. You guys are really helpful.

I’ll watch which area to post in in the future.

Oh, and what i am talking about is not “array” selection, that doesn’t work.

Select path works, thanks Myn. pheos.

And yeah, no “Path Selection” for Polys and edges, its kinda not right! Slows down my workflow.

One of the selection methods I use a lot is ctrl+plus and ctrl+minus, which add or subtract verts to or from a previous selection. Loop select an edge, press ctrl+plus, and you’ve got a row of faces on either side of the edge selected.

There is some information about selections at .

hold alt key and right click on a vert o r edge or face

Try Shift-G for some very helpful selection options.