Countdown clock in web page (HTML n00b)

I came across this blog and was very interested in the countdown clock displayed there (you’ll have to scroll down a bit). It just so happens that I have some minimal knowledge in HTML, so I’m wondering how to code one of those things while sticking as closely as possible to HTML.

Is it even possible to code a countdown timer using mostly HTML?

Well it’s displayed in html of course, but you either need javascript or a server side script like ASP or PHP.

Just go to and search for “countdown timer”.

Server side scripts won’t help, since you want to see the countdown on the client. So I see no way around JavaScript.

flash and a java applet are two alternative ways other than javascript, nico.

Right, I meant I see no ‘reasonable’ way around Javascript.

What I really want to say is:
I would use JavaScript

Wow, all this technical jargon. Just wanna remind you guys that besides a little HTML, I know nothing else about all this scripting stuff.

However, the first entry I found at did seem simple enough for me, so consider my problem solved for now. Thanks to everyone for helping!