Countdown with delay-sensors not working as they should

I’m trying to make an overlay that counts down from 3 to zero.

I had it done with a text object and properties but my font spacing is a bit off.

Thus I made a new one where the spacing is right.

With a couple delay sensors i have four text objects made visible for one sec.

but from 2 to zero the delays act kinda strange check out the blend if your willing to help.

just go to camera view and press play.

Is there a specific reason to use delay sensors? Because I would just use an Always sensor with True Level Triggering enabled and the Tick Rate set to 60, connected to a Property actuator that subtracts 1 from the property you’re displaying every time it’s triggered.

I would use a timer property. It let you measure in seconds.

@ Michelle => I did it that way but the font i’m using has different spacing, wich causes the numbers not to be centered in screen :stuck_out_tongue:
@ Monster => Trying that out now! => how do I make it count down and not up ?

Did you guys take a look at the file?

NVM I solved it with the timer property => way to much logic for something simple but it works!

Game development in a nutshell.

The direction does not matter. It only matters that it counts :D.