Counter-Strike movie

Hello all, its our first post here. After 3 weeks of work, we’ ve filnaly finished our short movie, inspired on the game Counter strike. Enjoy \o

awsome dude

Hmm, I should probably say it’s well done, but I won’t.

Don’t get me wrong: it probably captures very well the feeling of the game and even features a stylized short non-verbal narrative among all the wild gunfire the game is most enjoyed for. Even if I’m not fond of that game – don’t know how it came to be more popular than its much better original parent – it’s genuinely fitting.

What I don’t like about it is the use of in-game graphics. Not only the BGE is not up to the same level of the game, I’m not really fond of game graphics for movies, specially outdated game graphics.

Why not take the time for raytraced, AO, radiosity baked frames of animation? How about DOF for those more dramatic moments and real smooth shadows? Some mist? More work on the textures and some variation on it?

Sure, it’d take a lot more render time, but not any more animation efforts, so you could think of it as a more polished post-processed product. How about it as an up? :wink:

Other than that, it’s pretty good, specially for a team of only 2 guys. Parabéns!

I would say pretty good!

But the whole thing looks more like a pre-vis than finished work. I did loose interest part way through and simply skipped ahead to see if anything other than mindless murder was occuring. Guess not.

Ok, we’ll use this comments and suestions to improve the quality of our next works. Sure, that was not the best animation in terms of quality, but our intention was just to capture the game spirit “less conversation and more shooting”. In our next project we we use the feedback aquired here and apply on this, and probably we’ll have more members working whit us; what results in a better product. And remember: all sugestions wellcome =)
(sorry for my bad english)


Impact Team

I liked it. There are some issues with some of the actions (the grenade tossing needs more of an over-head arc on it. Turn off the IK for motions like that. Makes it easier to get arcs) . I personally like the in-game style graphics (and your de_aztec looks like a reasonable facsimile to the original), but then i played CS in leagues for years, so I might be partial to seeing the game models in the animation. I do think that the lighting and general camera-work could be improved, but that’s just stuff you learn the more you do it.

Maybe in the next one go for more of a “Source” look, visually.

This is an excellent work. Any critics about your work would be mostly simple point of view, but the animation is fantastic. yes it looks like a video game, that is your own style…is not a problem.