counter-terrorist from the game counterstrike

hey i was bored so i decided to make a person from my fav game called counterstrike some of you may know what this is if you dont it a first person shooter and the aim of the game is to kill the other team

Not a bad start. But it’s very squarish. Try and round it out a bit.

You should go to file planet or something and download the (624MB) presentation of half life 2 a E3 2004… at the very end of the presentation the new counter strike is showed on the new engine - you will be amazed of what they did to one of the maps (the one in the aztekian grounds) - one of the ugliest maps became an artist delight…

go! download! now!!

just a textured version im going out today but will have another update with a balaclava (spelling?) soon and will also round off his face

little update

C&C please!

i didnt think the counter terrorists wore the mouth cover thingies

Nice, I think you could give the clothe a little bit off thickness. If its a texture, I would model it, lol. The face itself is a little to square and flat IMO (maybe I just need some different camera veiws “hint hint”). Could tweak your materials a bit as well…

hiya first of all thanks for your replies

nathan: yes the counter-terroist do where balaclava’s

ataryu: yes i know the balaclava is a bit flat but im at school atm so i cannot update it for a while and i will add other camera veiws later on and also about the square i got that under control


quick update (i couldnt get on the computer yesterday)

and just playing about

Cool! very joe-guy like, make the rest of him! he needs a gun!

Looks nice, but I think the eyes are a little too big for the face? Looks a bit comic-stylish to me. Or is it supposed to look like this? Then it works great! :wink:
(Oh - and the helmet is too big… or the head to small, whatever. Either way there’s quite a gap between head and helmet; and this around-the-mouth-thingy looks more like some kind of vessel than textile, especially the edges look too solid, like a marble put in a bowl - maybe you make it more irregular, with more wrinkles (is that the right word? I’m a bit out of my english today… %| ) and the edge close to the skin. (Unfortunately I dunno how to do this, though, haven’t done it myself yet…)

thanks for the comments guys im making the body atm and will give him a colt soon and yes it is suppose to be cartoon style and will try to fix the other things you mentioned

you called?

>EDIT> oh i like the char, btw. he has a sense of humor in him, specially in his eyes. i bet you could make a couple funny shorts with him

hi well i havnt been working on this becouse i kinda got bored but here is 10mins of work i know it is still kinda buggy but tell me what you think


hey all i was cleaning my hard drive this morning when i found this on my hard drive so i decided to finsh it

im rigging him atm so i can pose him and im making a gun aswell so ill keep u updated


kl take the spec down or your have an army man , you would be modeling the wrong game ;).

yeh i think i said somwhere i went off track of the counter terrorist theme and made an army man

o ok lol kl. well army men are all green :wink: :D.

quick spec fix and better textures rigging is almost done (shame i cant say the same bout the gun :stuck_out_tongue: )


looking good erm on the hands is he wearing gloves cause it looks weird and all spec ops and army men mainly wear gloves too :P. o and he has 3 thingers lol