Counter Top WIP

Hello all. I’m new to the forum and newer to Blender. Just started with Blender back in the early spring. I just finished a render of a work I’m in the middle of. I wanted to post it and get some feed back. I like half of it so far, the other half will get updated in future revision. It was done was rendered with Cycles.

I’d also like to thank you guys for so much awesome work and inspiration. I’ve found so much helpful info on here. So much so that I’ve learned a lot and not actually needed to ask a question so far.


What’s the story here? What I’ve been able to figure out is that who ever is cooking is making spaghetti. One tomato is that for the sauce? What are the beans doing here? Mexican spaghetti?

If the sauce is being made by hand, there would be more tomato’s.

Also work on the lighting. Make it reflect your location, currently it looks like it’s under a really bright white light.

You can’t really make spaghetti without a pot so maybe add one off to the side casting a shadow onto scene to make it look like their is something beyond the camera.

Sorry if any of this is taken to offence, I’m just trying to help.

No offense taken here. I’m terrible at the “thinking” about what I’m doing. I get so wrapped up in trying to get textures/materials right, lighting, blah blah blah. I forget that I need a point/story, otherwise it’s just a bunch of stuff. Always need a reminder.