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I feel kind of embarrassed posting up a picture like this when you all make much better ones.:o But I really would like some constructive criticism about this picture… It’s the first “scene” I’ve made, made up of several objects I’ve made in learning blender…

P.S. I did NOT make those textures myself…

Also, is there anyway of having ambient(?) lighting… as in a general light so that I don’t have to use 2-4 different light sources?

Okay, first NEVER feel embarrassed, ever. This community we have here is open to all levels and types. Now to the pic: I suggest you use AO (ambient occlusion, found in the world settings), to make the shadows more realistic, and would help you reduce the number of lights used. I would also like to see a pic of the lighting setup, so that I know exactly how you have the lights and can help you fix the number. Or, you could us Yafray with a photon light and take care of the situation with just one light!

Here is a screenshot of the the scene setup:

Don’t worry, i’m new as well! Great job! It looks beautiful, I do agree that the lighting needs to be tweaked alittle but i’m new at this too. You can find my first scene render here called DemoVases. We could share are noobie experiences and grow off each others teachings! Again, excellent man, i’m really excited about seeing what you do a few weeks from now! Blend it up!

I say take out the two lights, put in an area light and get some nice soft shadows, with AO

Its looking good! Framedworld is right, embarrasment doesnt(shouldnt) exist here. Or at least, not on the WIP or Focused Crit forums. If theres a problem, youll find out, and youll get more experience. Nobody is perfect the first time around…Wait…actually nobodys perfect at all.


Holy Crap! Ambient Occ increases the render time alot! Almost done… post picture soon…

Okay… I used AmOcc and I seemed to get harder shadows…
No idea why, below the picture is a pic of my AmOcc settings.

There was a glitch in the printscreen thing so you cant see what the range^ is. it’s set at “1.0”

AO’s really high sampled, which would account for the long render times. Anyway, he also said use an area light.