Counterpunch Film Teaser (pre-production)

The first film teaser of the projekt CounterPunch using the first character designs.
The idea is to make a (nice) film using simple characters and sets.
Some thoughts won’t hurt…

Looking pretty nice! Camera and animation work looks good, interesting character style.

There are things I could crit with the way the trailer looks but as you say it’s pre production so there is probably no need yet.

i’m liking the look of it so far. can’t wait to see how it turns out.

neat. if I were editing this at all, I might continue the music underneath the titles , but that’s just me.

@chrisskinner78 -do you mean with the lighting or compositing?
@artorious -can’t wait too
@AMDBCG -just thought it’d help accentuate the titles

The look are unique. Good job.


Thanks chotio