Country hut

Sat last night, having nothing to do… It is a long time ago i’ve created anything serious with Blender, but suddenly an image came to me in my head, of a cozy hut in a cartoony style. It is probably inspired by some other work i’ve seen in here on the forum (can’t remember the name, sorry)
The hut in general is done, but a lot more details is to be added. On my concept sketch, i’ve planned for:

  • a hat on a peg,
  • a key,
  • a door-handle and keyhole,
  • a window,
  • a TV antenna,
  • a chimney
  • a wind-arrowand maybe some rocks around the edges of the house.

Later on, i’ll start on the surroundings, and currently i have plans for:

  • a solar watch
  • a spade
  • a campfire place
  • a treeI also have in mind how the character owning the house will look, but currently my modeling skills are too lousy to do a human-like character any justice!

I don’t know why there are those wierd marks/shadows on the sticks, poking out from under the roof - anyone who have suggestions? I’ve tried changing the material to a simple color, but they don’t go away!

C&C, please :smiley:


looking good so far, texturing could ofcourse use some improvement, but in this stage I figure, id doesn’t really matter yet, has the potential to become something great.
Looking forward to seeing more of this.

Nice looking little hut you have there! The thermometer is a nice touch too.

Those marks on the support beams of the hut look like they still have the same texture as the tiles and door frame attached to them… perhaps you could give us a screen shot of your material setup for those support beams… or am I looking at the wrong thing here?

Good work so far anyways,


BleedForMe: My texturings skills sucks, big time! but i just have to practice… should be possible to make something decent… But no, the textures is not at all finished…

ZVWolf: I think it’s the same thing we talk about… Material settings attached…
The two textures are:

  • a wood texture, with a colorband for colors - used for color, and a bit of Nor…
  • a cloud texture, for Nor - just to remove the clean, hypersmooth face impression.Question: Can you apply the DupliVert-function (used for tiles), so i can model the tiles individually, just to make the tiles more random?
    Guess i could use “Spin Dup” instead?


Just a small update… minor things changes… chimney, key, doorhandle, keyhole and tree added…

please comment :slight_smile: