Country kitchen

Hello everyone.
I have finished my next project.
Render: Cycles.

Beautiful. Nicely done! :slight_smile:

Very nice.

very nice lighting and attention to detail.

Awesome amount of detailing. I especially love the textures on the plates, something I never feel I can get good designs for whenever I’m making CG dishes. One small crit though: there’s no bump map on the inside of the watermelon, the smooth highlight is very jarring. Watermelon’s are very rough inside. Other than that, great work!

Nice. My only crit is the right side in the 3rd image feels kinda empty. What did you use to light it and how many samples?

Great work, i like how the light to interact in kitchen.

great work.

Fantastic work! Lots of attention to detail. Great texturing, especially on the cupboards.

woah! that’s neat! I like it all except for the watermelon. it seems to smooth.

great work and great workwhit the light too


Spectacular! wonderful render.

I like it! Nice kitchen!

maybe they had a really sharp knife for the watermelon…

anyway the whole thing looks pretty spot-on.

Very realistic !

How did you light the scene ? HDR ? Or Skycolor only ?
Hardware ? Rendertime ? Renderresolution ?

Kind regards

Hello everyone.
Thank you for comments.
About scene…
There are 2 portals in the room (one in the window, another near the table), and other in neighbouring room. And sun.
This scene rendered on Nvidia GTX 560 Ti 2 Gb, 6000 samples, about 20 hours each picture, 3000*2000 pixels.

There is coffee… I love it. And the kitchen is also awesome.

i really like lighting, very well balanced.
my only small crit would be the watermelon - unnecessary, a bit distracting and not that great anyway.
i’m very curious about the lights, how did you set them up and achieved such a nice result.

Very nice details.

Excellent piece of work ! ! ! The textures are fantasic with the exception of what ever work needs done on the watermellon. Very nice attention to detail. Need to add more knives to that rack, and the blank area off to the left. Add um, … . add coffee pot or blender. The lighting is very well done also. The reflections are good as well. But, look at the top center of the window, how the light is really over saturated. There is something slightly off between that transition of light through the window and where light hits the suraces. Does look pretty damn realistic. Good Job.