Countryside kitchen


my last work in blender! rendered in cycles (1500 samples, about 4hrs per render on i7 4770k), post in after effects. Some models are downloaded from the internet, some made by myself. Hope you like it!

Comments are critiques are very welcome! :slight_smile:


and another one :slight_smile:

Is it me or there is a focus issue on these images?
I can’t really find the focus point.
Have you PP some sort of DOF/blur?

I did… sure I am still trying to figure out exactly how to use the z pass from blender in AE, since sometimes is a bit hard to get the focus point, but it looks to me that the compression made the situation much worse. I updated the pictures, can you notice any difference?

Better now.
IMO DOF should not be used when you make a general view, at least slightly for elements very close to the camera.
Cause DOF is related to the aperture of the camera, and for wide angle photos is better to close a bit the aperture to prioritize sharpness over bokeh.
In wide angle compositions so, it’s better to give priority to the elements in the scene to drive the eye.

When you want to take a “portrait” like pics instead, so when you want to drive the eye to a particular, you can give a good and maybe strong DOF but don’t forget the rest of the elements in the scene.

Hope it was useful.

It was helpful indeed! :slight_smile: Thanks for your advice!