coupla banners

(slikdigit) #1

made in blender, text, cropping and some postprocess in ps:

(slikdigit) #2

okay. so I had to edit the first one in gimp (it had some non-rendering areas, dillo and ps displayed them, but mozilla/gimp didn’t. I reposted a screen capture from dillo, which works in all progs)
the second one shows up with different brightness in different apps! is there a gamma setting for browsers, a png feature I’m ignoring or some bug?
in my browser window its much darker than I intend.

(slikdigit) #3

Ok, here is another stab at brightening the second one (cropped, too)
does this work any better?

(shibbydude) #4

Use .jpg and you don’t have as much cross-browser difference.

(slikdigit) #5

Ok. Looks like you’re right. here’s the jpg (looks more consistent across apps on my system- may or may look better for everyone else)

thanks shibbydude.

(malefico) #6

Hey, those banners rock !



(Detritus) #7

Really cool banners I musy say! Like them alot!