Couple of Beginner Questions


Rather new to Blender, so these questions will probably seem rather stupid, but was just wondering if someone could give me some help…

  1. How do you select the default camera and move it somewhere else or how do you use another created cam.?

  2. How do you select the default light and move/edit it.


Select Any object with RMB (rightmousebutton) as long as all other objects are in Object mode or unselected.

Select second camera and use Ctrl-Numpad-0.


Kinda hard to select with RMB with a Mac mouse.

Nevermind. Got it.


Drag down the bottom edge of the top header bar to get to the Info (or user prefs) window and goto “View and Controls” where you can swap it to LMB and/or activate the “Emulate 3 button Mouse” option (read the tooltip.


Mac, you say? Maybe this will help: