Couple of hours ago, trouble uploading blend, same now

As above. Seemed to upload, got to 100% but never registered it. Small file.

What happens when you try?

untitled.blend (787.5 KB)

Seems to work fine for me…

How do you mean?

I click on upload → file browser → pick file → click open → progress runs to 100% → wait → never finishes.

How long should I wait?

drag on droped same file and everything goes ok.

firefox/ linux

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The fact that Skuax and me can upload suggests an issue on your end. Can you try in another browser, or in a private window?

Edit: I just dragged the file into the editor too. Trying with the upload dialog now:

untitled.blend (787.5 KB)


apart from that, i don’t know if: when i remove the code about file downloading, it removes the file from the server…
i try to do that every time but i don’t really know if it’s a good way to go.

Have you tried drag on drop over your post ?
I know, it’ seems stupid but we never know with algorithms…

Non-referenced files are removed from the server after 24 or 48 hours or so.

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OK trying again, with empty (default) file.
default.blend (780.9 KB)
Yep that’s it (now firefox)
Thanks for the quick response.

No, thanks @skuax, just the browser.

OK trying again, with empty (default) file.
starting 10:50am
stopping 10:53am

I think the browser is the problem now that you mention it-- seamonkey, if I don’t keep up with their releases I have problems.

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