Couple of pics... :) (B5)

(A2597) #1

First off, Narns in Nebula.
(Models by Nadab)

Second, and IMO the best pic I’ve done to date:
Sharlin Beutyshot
(planetmaps and nebula by me, Sharlin by T. Banner)

(bg3D) #2

real nice…are these models done in blender or exported?
Babylon 5 was the best!

(lycanth) #3

These look great. Especially the second one… the texturing is lurvely.

I’d love to know too - are they rendered in Blender?

(A2597) #4

the flares are photoshop, everything else is 100% Blender! :slight_smile:

models were conversions of lightwave/Max models

(S68) #5

Both are great! :smiley:

In the second the halo of the atmospghere of the planet behave strangely at the right border of the image.

Looks like it’s dropping down too fast there…


(stephen2002) #6

so you didn’t do the models? :frowning:

Nice renders anyway.

(The_Enigma) #7

I love 'em either way, but there is one small technical glitch in the 2nd picture. In real life you wouldn’t see any stars, this is because the light from those 2 suns and the planets would be so much brighter than the distant stars that they’d be invisible. Now I’m not saying that you pic i wrong, infact most pictures of any space environemnt have stars even if in real life you’d never see them but, I’d say that the stars that are right up close to the 2 suns shouldn’t be visible, as if the flare was covering 'em up. Sorry if that critique was to harsh, it wasn’t meant to be, especially because I can’t exactly make images of that calibur at my state, so GREAT PIC! :smiley:

(S68) #8

I disagree…

If you have an atmosphere atmospheric diffusion of light by the sun/a bright source cancels out the stars, but in the void, with no diffusion, this is untrue.

Whot would be a space image without stars, anyway :stuck_out_tongue: ?