Couple of problems with armatures

Well, one’s a problem, and one’s a request.

The problem…when you add an armature (using the spacebar/add feature), depending on where the cursor was just before the armature was added (either in the menu bar across the middle of the screen, or in the area just be low that with all the btutons), these are repeatedly (and rapidly) redrawn as the cursor is moved to size the armature and orient it in the right direction.

Now the request: PLEASE make the bone name entry area big enough to accommodate some meaningful names without having to scroll back and forth with the arrow keys. I’d like to see the name field extend the full width, and the “Child of” field do the same, right below it

I’ve seen that problem too - but only at 1600x1200 full screen. What drivers are you running? Anyhow, I’m testing a patch at the moment.

I’m running the NVIDIA GLX and KERNEL, version 1.0-1512. I can check to see if there is a more recent version, and see if the same thing happens. From what I can tell, it looks like Blender is rapidly switching back and forth between Edit and Object mode.

I installed 1.0-4496, and it exhibits the same problem.

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