couple of questions i cant find the answer to.

hey guys, trying to make my first fps.

but i have a few questions i’ve been trying to find the answers myself, even used a few fps templates to see if i can reverse engineer what i want but cant figure it out, so here it goes this is what im having trouble finding.

  1. character follow terrain. ie able to walk up mountains instead of through them. i have 3 boxes for head feet and body, tried playing around with rigid body’s nothing is working.
  2. fp arms to maintain initial pose. i have a pair of arms rigged with rigify ( i deleled all but neccessary bone arms ) i can get arms to follow camera but the initial pose reverts to rest position when i press play. tried parenting seperatly rig then arms to camera, nothing.

i know these have probably been answered a million times, but finding them is proving difficult.

thanks in advance

Solved it.
for anyone else looking.
i changed the mass on my feet block.
checked around, i had to parent mesh to rig with automatic weights. that worked.