Couple of Questions( Maybe More )

1.How do you take screenshots of your whole Screen.

2.How do you make things Transparent like glass will i need to use Yafray.

3.How do you save Movies, Like animations.

  1. (Regarding 3) Will i need another program.

  2. How do you make Objects Shiny.

Thanks In advance.
Sorry for so many questions.

I’ll take questions 1, 3, and 4 :smiley: .

  1. Wonder if you’re talking about the print screen button? Press that and then paste your picture on paint or something.

  2. First you create everything in blender. Make sure you animate it, moving characters with actions, etc. Hit F10, on the left panel it should say Output and you’ll see /tmp/, change that to whatever directory you want to save the movie to. In Format and also Render adjust all the parameters to your liking. Under the big button ANIM, make sure you have the correct Sta: and End: of your movie put there. It’s the beginning frame to the end frame of your animation. Press ANIM and depending on how long your animation is, prepare for a pretty long wait.

  3. No you wouldn’t need another program.

:wink: Note: All the questions you asked can be found in the Blender manual. As for 2 and 5 if you poke around a bit, you’ll find the answer to those too.

Jason Lin

  1. “PrtScn” - top right of keyboard. If you have a keyboard with “f-lock” make sure it’s disabled.

  2. Decrease the alpha amount in the material settings, then turn on ray in the render settings, and render. (there may be one step that I missed)

  3. What he said.

  4. What he said.

  5. To make something shiny, increase the “spec” in the material settings. To make something reflective, go to “Mirror Transp” in the material settings, then turn on “Ray mirror” and then increase the “RayMir” slider. The last step is to turn on “ray” in the render buttons.

1- Ctrl-F3 and Ctrl-Shift-F3 saves images of the blender interface in your current image format (respectively, of the current screen and of the whole screen).