Couple of Questions on the game engine

I’ve got 2 quick questions about the game engine in blender…

  1. How can I get the camera to track an object? (or for that matter anything to track an object) I understand there’s something you have to do in the game logic area but I’m really in the dark as to what it is and havn’t been able to find it via exploration.

  2. Why don’t particles show up in the game engine? I’ve done a few simple test using an ico-sphear, cube, and pyramid and I’ve set them up correctly however when I start the engine I don’t see any particles…

Id you havn’t guessed I’ve read the game engine post over at BN and it gave me a few ideas but I’m running into walls. (literaly:P)

Thanks in advance.

  1. on the camera in the logics window set a sensor attached to an “AND” and add the camera actuator… I think you can figur out the rest from there
    2)the game engine does not support blender particles but he gifted Social(member of the forums) wrote a script that allowed alternative particles with presets…If I find the link ill post it
    I hope that helps…
  1. to trak to any thing: sensor>AND>edit object actuator (track to). Enter the name of the object you wish to track to in the field.

  2. As chuzzy said.

  1. okay got it.

  2. I suppose but it doesn’t seem to make any sense. (after all why would they make particles but not have the ge support them? O.o oh well.)

  1. Because Blender is mainly used for rendering stills and animation, which works with particles. However, few engines actually use particles to achieve most effects (though now, this is becoming more of a trend), so get used to using textured planes. In fact, most effects may be done better with textured planes. Take Company of Heroes for example, they have beautiful explosions done completely with planes.