Couple of rigging issues (In a hurry!)

Hey people.

Been a while since I’ve done any rigging in blender/2.5, and basically forgot everything; and I can’t find any answers for 2.5 online.


How do I adjust the envelope size, without simply changing the actual size of the bone in edit mode.

I’m basically building a gelatinous blob with a tail, so I want to have a lattice controlling the body and a bone system controlling the tail, but the mesh is all one piece. And I’m having issue getting it to all play nice together. Any tips?

I’m also having a particle hair system set up with a tendril like piece of mesh being generated across the surface. How do I get that to follow with the lattice. The best I’ve come up with so far is to just bake the pieces to the base geo, but that’s a much heavier solution than I’d like.

Thanks guys, I’m sure I’ll have more soon.

So yeah, I’ve attached my mesh to the bones, but when I pose the bones I get this weird kink every once and a while along the tail; but the weighting doesn’t indicate anything that would cause it, it looks clean.