Couple of things

  1. I asked in the python/plugin forum and its not received an answer so Ill mention it here in case that forum has fallen to disuse.
    A. Does Blender understand zbuffer data used in compositing?
    B. How hard would it be to write a plugin that did this for a specific program?

  2. Wings import. Handy lil importer but, correct me if Im wrong…it doesnt import the material zones I set up in Wings?

Thanks for any assitance.

in wings just export as obj,…blender now has obj import built in,…material groups work fine for me. also, i think instinctive blender supports zbuffer data which is linux only, and you can use yafrays DOF with regular blender.

Thanks Mod. Im running into all sorts of troubles coming from Wings into Blender.

I have a loose grasp on how Blender handles textures now but Im still having troubles. What version of Blender are you using? Ims using 2.34 and the BF csv.