Couple of very nooby questions

okay first is their way that I can extrude a cylinder from a Cube or somehow cut a circle into the face and extruded that ?

also is their latest I can cut objects into parts and joined them?

thanks in advance

The way I usually go about it is:

  • Make a cube
  • Subdivide the cube, and use extrude to inset the top. More subdivisions means more verts to work with.
  • Select the faces where you want the cylinder and delete them
  • Select all of the verts from where the faces used to be, and go into a view that you are looking directly at them. Use Shift-S and select “Cursor to Selection”
  • Then you can use the “to sphere” button in the buttons window
  • After that, you can either extrude a cylinder out, or weld a cylinder with a similar amount of vertices on.

This is what it looks like.

thanks method works a treat