Couple questions


First is it possible to select faces with symmetry so that what you grab on one side is selected on the other side?

Second is it possible to ignore back facing polygons?

Hey, go into edit mode and in the top right corner of the screen you will see X/Y/Z, you can select each axis and it will activate symmetry, you can work on multiple axis as well. About your second question I didn’t really understand.

Thank you! I’m not seeing that though.

I mean is there an option to select back facing faces with one click?

Sorry just looked in edit mode and it’s the same thing.

Right-click the header of 3D viewport and in the popup menu check “Show Tool Settings”. Alternatively, expand the sidebar (default hotkey N), and you’ll find symmetry options there in the Tool tab under Options.

Note that in 2.80 which you seem to be using only X symmetry is available.