couple quick ones

  1. does set smooth add faces or polys to the model or is it just a rendering trick? I have some cool mountains that look even cooler with set smooth to them, i just dont want more polys. realtime changes, is this possible? I want the longer the player plays that the sun sets and night comes up.
    3.I want to know how to have it so that the player walks outside around the mountainside but when he comes to a house, he’ll hit use at the door and an interior loads.(just like morrowind). This will save me tons of polys per scene by not modeling inside houses with the exterior scene. I know it has something to do with the scene actuator, but not sure of the method. It would be cool to have a black screen with a door opening ipo to simulate the loading of the interiior. Thanks
  1. No

  2. Use IPO for light intensity, you must do that manually, ctrl + shift.

  3. You could use colosion sensor that sends a message that the player can press the use button, this button sends another message to the set scene acuator. Got it?

i dont understand the ipo for light intensity bit

I think Gelutu meant to select a channel at the IPO and creating the key with control LMB. But I coundn´t find the energy channel…
I managed to create keys for the lamp energy by selecting the lamp, and pressing the I key with the cursor over the lamp buttons (F5) and choosing Energy. One can also key the lamp´s RGB values in there.

thanks, I understood dimming the lamps with ipos but what i meant is i dont know how to set an evening time atmosphere with lamps.If i set the energy down to zero its just flat and bland for me. A moon shining on my landscape to light it kinda ambient like in the dark would be cool, i just dont know how to do it.

Try making a dim blue ambient light and a faint yellow backlight.

is it possible to make like a sky sphere where half of the sphere is day and half is night and run it as an ipo during the game? How would i get the mist to change with this? Maybe I can attach the light to the sphere so when it goes down the light does too.



rasterizer module

set Background Color (rgb)
set Mist Color (rgb)
set Mist End(rgb)
set Mist Start(rgb)

(those are the docstrings, seem to be a bit incorrect… blah)

and give the lights attached to the sphere ipos with color an intensity that changes

I have done this before, with all but the fog