Couples questions

  1. what is going on with the streaks on the barrels

  2. I would like the black to be more like the cloth like wraps one would see on an Iowa class battleship.

The design is being inspired on the plug for Apple laptops (N. American version) and the Mark 38 Mod 0 guns used on US Cruisers.


Based on my guess its one of three things.

A: normals.
Select all verts in edit mode and press Ctrl+N to recalculate normals.
B: duplicated mesh, or duplicated faces.
In edit mode select everything and press W > remove doubles
Check that you have not duplicated the model in that location
C: Smooth mesh is turned on (most likely)
In the edit buttons panel press the Autosmooth button.

Clicked removed duplicates and that solved the issue, thanks.