Ok, I finished the project but forgot to show the final result. :slight_smile:

So, just a spare time exercise, can’t tell for sure how much time I spent on this but you can see the start of it at the WIP thread, if you which.
Simple model presentation, borrowed the style from someone else that I can’t find anymore to give credits. I’ll do a proper scene later on.

Hope you like it!


Thats representation is spot on! good work.

He looks like he is going to the vets LOL

Cool style and expression.

ChojinDSL, VectorVandal: thank you, guys! it’s nice that you’ve liked it. :slight_smile:

I love that toon character! In your image he looks pretty the same as in a 2d dimension - very nice job! Are you goin’ to create the rest of the crew from the cartoon?

Thank you, that was the idea, took a 2D character without proper front/side view and try to make it 3D. Simple but fun! Nice that you consider it close to this idea! :slight_smile:
No, I do not plan to make all other character from that cartoon, but I might do one more to create a small scene. You can see that I have almost the entire living room modeled already, in the wip thread: :slight_smile: