Course Project Final

My work is draftsman and I’m working with some architecture students to finish their Course Project Final. At the end of the course they have to have finished an architectural project to obtain the degree.

In this work both Blender and Yafray are involved, combined with some CAD tools.

It is work I like very much because they are usually ambitious projects where the students do his/her best.

Far away the comercial stuff sometimes I have to do.

The images shown below are just a pre-release. Coming days I hope be able to show images with better resolution.

image 01
image 02
image 03
image 04
image 05

Nice work, Alvaro!

A few crits: The ground texture looks very ‘interpolated’ to me, try to increase or decrease details, I think it would enrich the result. And the triangles on the shore look strange, you could use Subsurf on the meshes I think. The lighting looks a bit undefined.

But it already looks very promising (and the water looks great).

crits are warmly welcome

Thanks a lot Thoro

Looks good to me. Maybe the beach/water-zone could get a bit of work and the street has no texture.

Hmm… It’s nice but too grainy.