:wink: What about a course system specifically aimed at training people to use blender in a professional environment?
I am absolutely impressed with the features implimented in this 2.40 release, and it gave me an idea, but I wanted to know first what the community thought about the possiblity of online courses for blender.

I was thinking that this may in fact work to the benefit of BF in more than one way, that is, If BF were able to set up a website dedicated to providing online courses ( not tutorials, but hands on stuff ) from the absolute basics thru to advanced topics for more experianced users, at a reasonable registration cost, Of course I know that blender is a non profit organization, so the costs would only be used to cover the cost of the web site, the materials and time spent designing and developing the courses, and anything left over for the further development purposes of blender and the course system.

As this would be an extremely time consuming project, such as is the development of the software, the maintainers would need to be supported for their work.

I as one am unable to program websites, or even use blender well enough to be of any benefit to anyone. And that is what gave me the idea! I have read multiple tutorials from various websites and they are all well written, but if there was a course dedicated to blender use then I would definately be prepared to pay for one such course.

I don’t mean to compare with anyone, because blender is a very independant software, but 3d buzz offers great courses for the various commercial software out there, and thousands of people are making great use of them, and I thought if there was a similar course system for blender, one possibly with certificates upon completion, how many more people including professionals would actually sign up and encourage them to consider incorperating blender in their tool set of applications for professional use.

Just a thought, but, what do you guys think? :wink: :smiley:

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I think a simpler course could be taken. Read this

Being that blender is open source, in other words, free. I don’t know if people would pay. Most people are just testing the water. Others want to get good. A few might pay, but I think it would be better if it were free :wink:

The money would be good for the foundation, but I think a different approach should be taken to help new comers become artists.

Just my 0.02 :smiley:

Thanks for the reply… Actually I visited your site and was quite impressed, it looked very fresh… you definately have an eye for design.

My reason also for suggesting this, was because I read on another thread ( sorry I couldn’t find it again) but on gentleman mentioned that his university will be implimenting blender as their choice of 3d software for biggining courses in graphics… It will be needed I think