Court House finished

I am finished for now on this one.

The only thing that brings it down its the grass. Overall, it looks very nice.


It looks like you used an image for the grass, uncheck the mipmap box for it to retain detail.

But the building itself and the setting of the picture is sweet. Good job.

LOL, the last 3 posts sound like they’re finishing each other’s sentences.

I agree about the grass. Always with the grass isn’t it %|. I think the OSA might get rid of the aliasing in the texture enough that mipmapping isn’t necessary but I don’t know if that’ll mess up the texture pattern itself. The grass at the back looks like solid green.

My biggest problem is the trees at the back. Based on the lighting that appears on the building, the trees don’t look as though they’re receiving the same light sources. But the fog at the base is a nice touch.

Still, I like your images because your style is consistent and that’s important for an artist.