Courting New GE Programmers

I was brainstorming of ways to court new programers for developing the current GE. I was thinking that maybe the Blender Foundation should contact various websites that offer Freelance 3d programmers. The foundation maybe able to court pro-bono/low cost programers even. Any thoughts?

i was going to start a topic just like this! oh well.

well i think we need to go out and find programming/game engine forums and start topics about it.

If we want Blender to be more interesting, we have to drop the, “well, what do you expect its free,” mindset and start to forge ahead by getting other programmers on the same page. If we keep with that mindset and not expect anything because its free then all you have is stagnation. We as a community have to be excited and with the current cvs build this is happening. We have to do some more talking on this subject.

is blender’s game engine programmed with C++ or python?

The game engine is C++ (and some C i think) the scripting language is python.


:wink: Hehe, believe it or not this was discussed way back then as well… About a year ago I believe. About 2-3 fairly long threads, but I can’t seem to search it up right now. But yeah, enthusiasm is the way and always spreading the word.

Well I like the way the new engine is turning out. :smiley: Erwin’s back incorporting top notch physics, Snailrose with all those sweet graphical features, Lagan with various fixes/additions (ie: splitscreen), and dreamkatana with various fixes as well. There’s also crystalblend (crystalspace with the ease of blender functionality) being worked on by Jorrit, and Girona (completely new engine being coded from scratch) by Bandoler. :smiley: So it’s not as stagnant as you might think it is.

:expressionless: But I wonder where Kester has went, I don’t hear much about or from him anymore. :smiley: Guy deserves some recognition at the very least for being around when he was the only coder at one time.

Jason Lin

Tell Slashdot, and Gamasutra about the 2.41 release?

not until it is actually released - we might have some last minute delays, etc.


we should start here… we all organize a blender programming team , then we download the sdk and upgrade it to what fits…

this all sounds soo easy… but it aint!

1st you need to know c++
2nd you need to know python…

im willing to help… i just gotta wip out my old computer science books %|

and rizzo your 100 % correct…but according to goldentajj i dont even think we need to help… deaths making a game engine… and the people goldentajj mentioned are improving or makeing their own…

lets see jorrits crystalblend when its finished…if we have a problem… i promise (with a group of people of course so not just me) blender to remain free and be better then unreal 3 (omfg did i just say that =!)

It sounds easier then it is. :slight_smile:
With the knowledge of C++, C and OpenGL only you’re not going to get far enough to add a new feature. You need to have at least knowledge about how game engines work, how put something new in it as well that you need to know the game engine source to know where to put in certain things.

Ofcourse it would be awesome to add a new feature, but I tried it and maybe I’m gonna give it a try about a few years again, cause I didn’t came that far to get it actually working. I still prefer python to make my own script of games and add in that way new features to the game engine, like Nor.J did with network code, someone else did with a particle system, and I’m also trying to do something decent.

I’ve been thinking about this several times, and have come to some ideas.

While crawling about opensource engines etc. I realized that ALMOST EVERY UNIVERSITY has a science center about virtual reality, and many of these have attempted to make some engine of their own. These engines are often very weak, with limited functionality. Many of them are for some single purpose - from molecular-visualisation to those used for psychological therapy. I think there could be done an initiative “VR coders from all the world, join !!”. Which would be about doing some little web site concerning this, and then e-mailing all such labs. I think many of these project would benefit from Blenders funcions, in fact many of them are trying to develop something which blender has had for years. I was thinking about doing such a thing for a long time, but i didn’t have the courage because I’m not a programmer myself(I just programmed some tools in Blender Game - python, like BlenderVJ, or generated landscape).

So, the question is, if some of the engine coders would be willing to do this, or sigh himself under such an initiative if i would do it.
I’m willing to help with writing some pdf or like that…

So who did the a Blender build with particles!!? Where can I find this version?


I have planned an initiative to contact the computer science division as well as technical schools (Architecture, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Design, Engineering, Software Engineering, Mathematics) of every university throughout the US and world. I also plan on contacting every high school and grade school.

What I need first though are the following

  1. Case studies that demonstrate Blenders usefulness to a particilar field.
  2. Nice looking demos and visualizations
  3. Pipeline notes showing a path from the standard tools that would be used in a course to Blender

For Architecture - I need nice images of rendered interiors and exteriors, also walkthrough demos with things like baked lighting - this is probably easiest to find good content for. Also a description of a path to easily get content out of various CAD programs and into Blender, and finally setting up and doing a render with Yafray and or the internal engine.

For Engineers and Designers - similar but more a focus on ‘industrial design’ type of things - so vehicle and other techical renders.

For Software Engineering - my plan was to develop an intro to programming course that utilizes Blender and Python.

For the assorted science fields - renders and animations related to visualizations of science and ideas relevant to that field - ie chemical reactions.

My plan is not ‘game engine’ specific - although likely more individuals would be interested in the game engine aspect.

If there is interest in helping out on this, the easiest way would be to find all threads that have existing renders or other information that are relevant to various fields.

Perhaps we should start another thread entitled scientific, architectual, and engineering visualizations with Blender. then post a link to each thread with a brief description. I can contact people for usage permission and organize things later (currently I’m busy with release notes which I’ll be finishing up today…).


I did an entire mock up of my city’s downtown… maybe this might fit into your architecture idea…

Yes, Crystalblend needs the most help

Thanks for the ideas, but I don’t think it will work.

  • Current Blender game engine is not really inviting for new programmers. It might get some more features and bugfixes, but adding more developers won’t work I’m afraid. It would become unmanageable.

  • Having people writing a game engine specifically for Blender doesnt sound realistic either. Why would they restrict themselves to Blender?

It’s best to go for a plugin interface, that allows alternative game engine

So, best option is to create a plugin interface first, then add an
integration with OGRE. In my opinion, OGRE is number 1 open source game engine. CrystalBlend is good second, and Jorrit is already working on integration.

So we end up with multiple engines. However, the key thing will be how to
author the game logic (scripting, ai and so on).

Erwin (author current game engine)

Well, don’t make the logic as baby or picky as blender and use better words, like instead of true or false try a different word that makes more sence. And if there are complicated sets of logic put them in there and make it easy. Like I say, think of logics that would be most likely to use in a game.

Think ai should be a plug-in feature that way different ai can be added or taken away depending on the game maker is serching for.

Some ai that comes off on the top of my head are.

Role-playing game ai
Racing car game ai
Doom ai
Guantlet ai

Anyways some ai programmer for crystalcore wants to use animal like ai, Like lions, hives, etc.

I think that before we get all those kick-a$$ features in the game engine, we should work on the basics. Like when you have an object moving fast, collisions don’t register. And it doesn’t have to be going real fast.
And sub-surfing doesn’t seem to work for me, in the GE.