Courtyard House Kitchen

Hello, I wanted to share a quick personal project I’ve done over the weekend. Made with Blender and Cycles. 4000 samples which took about 5 hours on a single GTX 1070.
Link to the project on my Artstation:
Based on work by FIGR Architecture & Design.


Great work! This space really deserves more images :wink:

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saw the original, really nailed it !
what software did you use to match the camera ? fspy ?

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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@dbalex Thank you! I was too busy this week and could only render one but definitely, I’ll make some more in the coming weeks.

@BD3D Thanks a lot! Yes, it was fSpy.

@bartv Thank you, Bart! And have a nice weekend as well!


You’re #featured! :+1:

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Really nice! One of the best Cycles archviz renders I’ve seen.
Any tweaking in post?

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@bartv Thank you very much, Bart!

@Triple Thank you! Glad you like it! Not much post-pro actually. Just some color and contrast adjustments in the compositor, added bloom and some minor tweaks in Lightroom.

More angles, yes please :slight_smile:

4000 samples?
Why not 1000 samples and D-noise, the addon that removes noise using A.I ?

Lightning setup please :blush:

I think that 4000samps are really TOO MUCH … Imo around 512-1024 with denoise should be enough. Superb work despite this Bro!


PS: Also try EEVEE I think the result will be good accordingly to the interior - for sure NOT like Cycles but imo good enough with lighting-fast render times so for the anim maybe? :wink: