Hi everyone!

After seeing the amazing Rock Essentials pack from BlenderGuru, I decided make my own stuff and try out rendering rocks, and here’s what I came up with.

Here’s the viewport:

Comments and critiques welcome, I’m always looking to improve!

Thanks all!

I would turn off depth of field, I can’t see anything :expressionless:

Wow, great shot. It just seems like i forgot my glasses or something.

I agree with the first two commenters :slight_smile:

I like the lighting in this shot, very smooth looking and not very harsh. Are you planning to add something else into this scene? Feels a bit empty at the moment.

Are you rendering the rocks and the water separately then comping them together? I’m curious why the edges of the rocks at the bottom of frame are so sharp since they should be out of focus like the rest of that part of the image.