Cover Design for Ebook/Print Novella

Hello. My name’s Jonathan Bentz, and I’m currently working on a novella entitled Private Justice, which follows two individuals, a vigilante and the cop who hunts him. The vigilante uses weapons he crafted himself, such as self-designed guns that shoot four inch rebar spikes and a military-issue knife.

I’m looking for someone who’s willing to do a cover design for it. If I were in a better financial position, I would’ve put this in the paid jobs forum, but unfortunately I don’t have that luxury. Yet.

If the cover helps to sell the book, I would more than likely be open to a case-by-case payment option. I will give credit in the book, registering the artist as the cover designer, and I am not going to attempt to cheat anyone.

I am looking for someone who not only has an interest in “danger scenes” for mystery/thriller/suspense, but also for science fiction and urban fantasy, as I have a number of different novellas that I am working on and intend to sell via Smashwords for ebooks and both Createspace and for print, as Lulu will allow me to create a hardback version for myself, as I prefer hardbacks to paperbacks where I can get them.

If you’re interested, send me a PM for more information. So far, I have a planned number of six MTS novellas and a trilogy each of Space Opera and Urban Fantasy.