cover for yearbook

hey, here is an image i made for my yearbook (in a contest):

The theme for the cover had to be:life is a box of chocoaltes.
Our mascot:a bulldog
our school color(s):purple and blacks

love to here comments or critisiscm :)[/img]

nice concept,

I would make the candy box edges a little thicker to give it some depth. :smiley:

give the image some AO, not really feeling the textures at all, too technicolor. Paper is not a purfect square, 8.5x11 is a standar binder paper size. The lamp on the desk is hard to recognize as it’s shape is not standard at all, and is way out there for an abstract. The box of chocolates is ok, would add thinkness to the walls of the box as previously mentioned. Might add a small amount of texture to the chocolates themselves just to give them some more suttle interest with such a large amount of light hitting them. The chair mesh needs a lot of work still, the top of it is very sharp and odd looking. Good start though.

i agree with all yall. thing is, i have worked with blender for a bit less than a year, i’ve only been able to teach myself stuff here and there. But giving the box depth and texturing would be an excellent idea. The paper too could change a bit. Lets not even go there about the lamp. I don’t really have a good pic of 1, nor a really good lamp that looks good :). Well, thanks for tips!! The chair was made in a rush. Thank you for your suggestions!