Covered Wagon

Here’s a covered wagon I made but I can’t decide what sort of background should go with it (like a prairie or a farm yard) any ideas? Also does anyone know who to make the cloth more realistic?

Whenever I see covered wagon, I always think about the canvass that traveled out west, so I would suggest a prairie, mountain and lot of rolling hills in the background.

I was thinking about those John Ford movies, so I would suggest something from Monument Valley or Death Valley.
As for the wagon: Nice model, I like it.The clothe coverage however seems too low.

I think it looks good. Not sure how to make it look more realistic because i havent really looked at any references for it, but if its lacking in like folds and some tears maybe you could always make it higher poly and sculpt in more details. deff put a western background if its abondoned wagon maybe put some arrows in it like it was attacked by indians and break off a wheel and have it sitting kinda old looking lol or you can make it like a night scene with a campfire with like a silouhette of a town and mountains in the background witha cool star filled sky. just ideas lol cya

the cloth looks too heavy…put some more well defined ridges where the supports are holding it up