Covert Hair Particles to Mesh Object won't render

In blender 2.59, I converted my hair particles to a mesh object using the convert button in the modifiers tab. However, when I render it out, they don’t appear. Does anyone know how to get the converted mesh to render?

Thanks so much

Not to state the obvious, but I have made this error, is the hair mesh on a rendered layer or is it by chance on a layer that is visible in 3D window but not set to render?

Hair particles by default are just verticies, they will not render. One solution would be to make the hair particles emit an object, an eight-vertex cylinder would be fine. The problem is of course, that will signifigantly increase computer lag when the particles get up to 8000 - 10 000+.

You could also, and this is probably the easier method, set the material type to wire. You may have trouble lighting them though. I did a small test: the only way I could see their colour was if AO or Environment lighting was turned on, or if I used a hemi lamp.

Hope that helped!